Review: Breyer’s “Gelato Indulgences”: Raspberry Cheesecake


I was very skeptical about this because this is coming from a brand that makes flavors such as Oreo Cookies & Cream and Klondike Krunch. I have nothing against these ice creams, but could Breyer’s actually live up to selling gelato? What sold me on this was the presentation. Good work, Breyer’s.


This gelato is definitely aesthetically pleasing. It is pure white with a luscious looking pinkish red swirl. The first thing I noticed upon tasting was that raspberry swirl. It is light and not very thick, but it has this incredible gooey-ness that does remind me of a fruit cheesecake sauce. The cheesecake gelato itself is very dense as gelato should be, but the flavor tastes a bit more like vanilla than cheesecake.


The “gourmet graham crumble” mixed with the raspberry swirl was what made it taste like cheesecake. However, I expected the graham crumble to be more crisp and crumbly, but it was completely different than what it looks like. The graham crumble is soft and almost sort of soggy but it does taste like a cheesecake crust. That, combined with the raspberry swirl was the redeeming factor for me.

I would be careful if you like to have a massive bowl of ice cream — do not do it with this stuff. I would not recommend having too much over a serving at once. It is overwhelmingly sweet, and my honest reaction after eating this was wondering if I should brush my teeth.

That being said, I enjoyed it thoroughly (but maybe that is because I am a huge fan of anything raspberry flavored). I definitely will not mind eating the entire tub, but, I do feel there is far greater gelato out there to be had.

Product: Breyer’s “Gelato Indulgences”: Raspberry Cheesecake

Discovered at: Safeway

Rating: 7/10

Plus: Gooey raspberry sauce swirl. Interesting graham crumble. Beautiful presentation.

Minus: Insanely sugary, you will want to brush your teeth. Gelato tastes more like vanilla than cheesecake.

Nutrition: 170 calories per 1/2 cup serving

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